Electrical work in the tower

After his meeting with the Dean, Jim came over to discuss how the ongoing renovation of the Cathedral will affect the tower.  The new electrical lines to the sanctuary will run through the tower and through a small space above the ceiling of the chapel that connects the tower to the sanctuary.

Approximate path of conduits through stairway

The conduits will slightly obstruct our spiral staircase, possibly preventing us from moving our 10′ extension ladder currently stored in the A/C room up to the ringing and bell chambers when it is needed, so we will move it up next week as a precaution.  Jim said the conduits will meet the building codes for accessibility of the staircase, so we should not be affected as we climb up and down it (i.e. we will still have to be careful but no more careful than we are at present).  Update:  The spiral stairway will not be obstructed after all.

Effect of renovations in the ringing chamber

Approximate effect of renovations in ringing chamber; box is shown 8" deep

A metal box for the conduits will be attached to the north wall of the ringing chamber, adjacent to where the ringer of the 2 stands, and project out at least 6″ but no more than 8″ into the room.