Practice · 2011Nov08Tu

Six ringers at practice tonight:  Jody, Ken, Marguerite, Nina, Rob, Thomas.  Nina learned to ring at Trinity several years back, and everyone was delighted to see her and ring with her again.  She rang well, confirming that ringing is like riding a bicycle in that you don’t forget how.  She might return to ring about once a month, which would make a significant contribution to the tower.

Tonight was Rob’s last ringing in Miami until he returns in January.

  • Rob’s 36 Changes on E-D-C-B-A-G, focusing on good striking.
  • Plain Hunt on Four on D-C-B-A after Jody and Nina left.
  • Rang down the light four in peal;  not our best effort, but we continue to work on it.  Rang down the remaining two in grand cacophony.