Practice times mooted

At practice tonight we discussed what time to start practices and how long they should run;  the consensus seemed to be that several ringers would welcome 6:30 practices, but since that time isn’t convenient for our ringers that drive long distances we would either need to start at 7:00 on the nights they will attend, or continue for 90 minutes until 8:00.  A 6:30 start time might give us more ringing practices with Jim, who often has Cathedral meetings at 7:00. There are some good ideas here that may improve our ringing and make everyone happier;  we just need to decide what to do.

I heard these three options proposed:

  1. Continue with 7:00-8:00 practices every week.
  2. Vary the times depending on who’s coming:  7:00-8:00 if specified ringers are driving in, 6:30-7:30 otherwise.  Notification to go out a day or more ahead so everyone can make plans.
  3. Practice from 6:30-8:00 every week, with Jim present 6:30-7:00 if possible and anyone who can’t come until 7:00 arriving then.  Some of us will get to have 90 minutes of ringing, which will give our ringing a boost.

[Added 2011Nov10]  I set up a dudle poll and emailed its URL.  Please vote for all options you like.  If you have comments or suggestions please make them.  The goal is not to make anyone’s life difficult, but rather to get as many of us as possible ringing as much as we would prefer, while respecting everyone’s time constraints.