Service ringing · 2011Nov27Su

Four ringers for service ringing today: Jim, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.

Today was the first time the treble has been rung by the band since 2008, so we made sure the treble was part of each group of bells we rang.  The band was composed of relatively advanced ringers, so we focused on Plain Bob today.

  • Rounds and Call Changes (F-E-D-B, a modal sound).  Marguerite called.
  • Plain Bob Minimus (F-D-C-A, then F-E-D-C).  For part of the time, each ringer called out “Leading” as he or she moved into leads, to help solidify the band.  We stood as necessary to consult the wall chart and talk over what was happening.  In the future it may help to call out who is dodging, as many of us just count our places and so the dodges are not always cleanly struck.
  • Rang down in peal (attempt), 135 then 246.  Each week we get a little better.