Electrical work update

Conduits going over the chapel to the sanctuary

The electricians have changed their plans, and conduits will no longer be run up through the ringing chamber.  I spoke with the chief electrician and learned the conduits will cross over to the sanctuary through our downstairs room.  The conduits are being slid from the tower through the space across the tower to the A/C space on the second floor in the sanctuary, as (I am told) the electricians can’t get into that space directly.

The narrow space over the chapel

Two electrical control boxes are being added in the downstairs room:  the main breakers for the cathedral on the south wall (to the left as one enters the room), and a smaller box on the west wall with the tower breakers.  The smaller A/C duct that runs vertically in southwest corner to the chapel will be removed to make space for the conduits, and the chapel will be cooled from ducts coming from the sanctuary.

Some stored items are temporarily in the ringing chamber

All our things stored in the downstairs room have to come out meanwhile.  The electricians had moved some things around already, and the chief electrician and I shifted everything else (the old bellropes, the red box, a box of videotapes and odds and ends, lots of plastic racks, the vacuum cleaner, and the area meeting banner and trinkets) under the spiral staircase and up into the ringing chamber for the time being.


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