Service ringing · 2011Dec04Su

Four ringers for service ringing today: Jim, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  We rang F-E-D-C.

Thomas counted the old ropes moved out of the downstairs room and found we have 10 for the eight bells, so clearly the ropes have been replaced at least twice.

  • Rounds and Call Changes.  Marguerite called each bell to the front in turn.
  • Plain Hunt on Four as a warmup for Plain Bob.  Judy called go and stop.
  • Plain Bob Minimus.  Judy called go and stop.  This week we seemed to make it cleanly through the first lead but sometimes struggled around the second lead end, probably due to several bells’ striking being a little off and then cascading.  We talked it through and noted for the future that one can’t wait more than a moment for another ringer;  just ring when it’s time, and sort it out later.
  • Rang down in peal, 123 leaving 4 up for the new ringers class after services.  Each week we get a little better.