Getting webbier

The Miami ringers are increasing their use of the Web in the tower’s operation.

  • Polls to coordinate everyone, hosted by dudle.
    1. We started with a single schedule poll on which ringers mark their commitment to come to a practice or ring for a service. This poll rolls forward constantly, with past ringing dropping off the left and upcoming ringing appearing on the right, so that it always covers the next 6 to 8 weeks.
    2. A rolling schedule poll for each series of new ringer classes.  With one instructor this works out to one poll per student;  with two instructors, one poll for each pair of students on the same schedule, and so on.
    3. A rolling schedule poll for coaching sessions.
    4. A plain poll for what each ringer wants to do at practices (current choices include Call Changes, Call Go and Stop, Dodging Practice, Placing Practice, Plain Bob, Plain Hunt, etc.)
    5. As an experiment, a plain poll keeping track of who has what book from the tower library.
  • LibraryThing hosts the tower library catalog.
  • A virtual library of online books and documents.
  • A YouTube channel for instructional videos made at the tower.
  • A Google calendar for the tower calendar.
  • A private Google group for managing the tower email list centrally.