Next year’s Christmas card assembly line party

I just finished sending out the tower Christmas cards — 47 to other active towers as a gesture of solidarity and good cheer, and to our donors as a gesture of our continued appreciation and good cheer.  We thank the Washington Ringing Society for the gift of their mailing list so that we could get set up this year!

Next year we are going to have a seven+-ringer Christmas card assembly line party, right after Thanksgiving:

-1. Update the address list (two people for this prep task).
0.  Print out the four sheets of address labels;

  1. Feed each card stock sheet into the printer;
  2. Cut each printed sheet into individual cards;
  3. Stick the address label on each envelope;
  4. Stick the return address label on each envelope;
  5. Insert the card;
  6. Seal the envelope;
  7. Stick on the stamp.

With a group it will take no time, instead of just about all day for one person.  Imagine Christmas carols playing in the background, ringers laughing, eggnog waiting, and a growing stack of cards ready for the mailbox ….  Next year.

I’ve put it on the tower calendar for Saturday Dec 1.