The new year

Best wishes to all for a happy 2012!  The year is off to a good start for the tower.

New Ringers

We have a promising group of new ringers coming along well or about to start:

  1. Anne is controlling her bell well and will begin to merge into the regular Tuesday practices this week.  Welcome, Anne!
  2. Barbara and Eoin continue to make progress.
  3. New ringer Carroll has expressed interest and will, we hope, begin to learn this month.
  4. Last autumn’s new ringer Amy returns to Miami this month and is to resume learning.  Update:  this did not prove possible in 2012.


On Saturday we ring for the first wedding of the year (see calendar), the Pereira/Roda nuptials.

Tower maintenance

An expert steeple keeper replied at length to our request for advice, and we now have all the information (we hope) we need to deal with the tower’s current maintenance needs.  All we have to do is the substantial amount of work required!

With luck and a ringer or two to help, we may be able to resolve all the outstanding problems and put the ring in proper shape before the tower gets too hot to work in comfortably this summer.

Peripatetic ringers return

Ringers Rob and Pamela return to Miami for a spell this month or next. We are very happy to have them back both as friends we have missed and as strong ringers.

Ringers visit

Several expert ringers from Washington, DC are planning to visit and participate in a Ringing Weekend band here later this Spring. At present some weekends in March are under discussion. Ringing weekends are a lot of fun and can educate and energize the local band; we hope for more of them.

Interest waxes

The level of interest and ambition among the ringers has been rising, and will we all hope blossom into joyous accomplishment this year.

  1. Enough ringers are determined to master Plain Bob Minimus that we may soon be ringing methods on a regular basis.  With the return of roaming ringers and the addition of new ringers to tenor behind, Plain Bob Doubles is now a reasonable goal.
  2. The books Thomas ordered on raising and lowering in peal have arrived.  They and the band’s demonstrated determination to lower in peal should get us there this year.
  3. Several intermediate ringers are showing interest in expanding their scope and taking on bigger challenges.