Practice and ✻new ringer✻ · 2012Jan03Tu

Five ringers present:  Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Thomas, and new ringer Anne attending her first weekly practice and her first ringing in a group.  Welcome, Anne!  She will be unable to attend next Tuesday’s practice but thereafter will be at practice regularly.

  • Plain Hunt on Four with Anne spectating.  Several of the ringers are making the transition from counting only to counting plus watching, so as expected the ringing was not as clean as usual meanwhile.
  • Rounds on four, with Ken, Judy, and Marguerite on the light three, Anne on the 4, and Thomas standing behind.  Anne got her bell striking in rounds several times, and twice when out of rounds was able to shift back into rounds;  well done.
  • Rang down in peal with some success.  Over the holidays Thomas got two books on ringing up and down in peal, so we talked out some of the new insights first then put them into action (as best we could).  We stayed mostly in rounds much of the way down (could still be better), hung out at the bottom while everyone got their bells to the right height, then rounded off fairly neatly.  Everyone seemed to learn something, and spoke of it afterwards.

After practice most of the band adjourned to a nearby “pub” (pizza place) to socialize.