New ringers class · 2012Jan04We

Fifth class for new ringers Barbara and Eoin.  For various reasons they were not able to attend enough classes last year, so they are beginning afresh with a schedule that we hope will fit their available time better.

To free up more class time for ringing, the instructor gave them a practice rope tucked like the tail of the 4, our teaching bell, to practice with at home:

  • knowing the feel of the optimal degree of gentle tension,
  • keeping tension when the rope is moving (this exercise done eyes with an assistant to move the other end of the rope), and
  • tying the up and down knots.

Tonight they started with pulling off and catching every other handstroke, to give time to think between actions, with the instructor handling backstrokes and all the other handstrokes;  and backstrokes with the instructor pulling off and handling all handstrokes, with a hand above on the rope to help guide as needed.  They both made good progress.  Barbara has got the rhythm of the full pull, and a good long straight pull, and needs to work on the right degree of gentle pull;  Eoin has got the gentle pull more accurately, is starting to straighten out his pull well, and needs to get more attuned to the bell’s rhythm.

Next class is Sunday 8 Jan for Barbara and Eoin;  Anne’s next class is Monday 9 Jan.