No more ladder for the A/C

Remember how we always had to climb that creaky old ladder to flip the lever that directed cool air into the tower or the chapel?  No longer.

Now there’s an extension pole, like painters use, hooked into the lever.  With it you can flip the lever from floor level.  With the extension pole vertical (left photo) and sitting on the floor by the A/C plenum (center photo), it holds the lever in the “chapel” position;  pull the pole out and down and angle it up from further out in the middle of the floor (right photo), and it holds the lever in the “tower” position.

Please use caution when moving the lever.  I attached the pole to the lever by threading the end of the rod (see below) and using a lock nut.  Consequently, the pole won’t come loose, which is handy.  But because it won’t come loose, if you twist the pole or move the pole out of the plane of the lever, the lever might be bent and the A/C damper might get damaged.

Threaded end and locknut, tightened or loosened with a 7/16" wrench