New ringers class · 2012Jan09Mo

Eighth class for new ringer Anne.  Focus was on solidifying good ringing technique.  Some of the class was conducted on the silenced 2 and the remainder on the silenced 4;  Anne’s first experience ringing a silenced bell.  There was some excitement when her bell rang down a bit and while Anne was working to keep the rope vertical and get the bell back up, the end of the tail caught in a loop of rope and made a knot;  the instructor took over raising the bell back up while Anne quickly untied the knot.  The class began and ended with raising a bell to the first coil and then lowering it back down.  Anne practiced taking a coil for a bit on a practice rope but isn’t yet steady enough with it to take a coil while ringing down.  Continued good progress.

Next class for Anne is 5pm Th 12 Jan, followed by Carroll’s first class at 6pm.  Barbara and Eoin’s next class is We 11 Jan.