New ringers class · 2012Jan11We

Seventh class for new ringers Barbara and Eoin.  Rob assisted Thomas in teaching so each student got a full hour of rope time, half with each instructor.

Each student has reached the level of handling handstrokes or backstrokes but not both.  This class focused on getting plenty of good rope time for both students, to reinforce good ringing habits and prepare for ringing both strokes.  Barbara worked on following through after handstrokes, and needs to continue focusing on this.  She missed a few catches, but at least did so cleanly (“a good miss is better than a bad catch”).  She has a tendency to overpull and is aware of it.  Eoin was able to set his bell a couple of times.  He has developed a good, steady, gentle pull.  He needs to continue working on letting the bell rise enough;  as he gets more rope time he should soon develop the feel of where the bell is, and be able to let it rise without bouncing off the stay.  He is making long straight pulls but sometimes shifts into an awkward pulling form, which will cause future trouble if not ironed out.

Both students have started catching handstrokes while holding a practice tail in their left hands, in preparation for pulling both strokes.

Barbara and Eoin’s next class is Sunday 15 Jan.  Anne’s next class is Thursday 12 Jan.  Carroll’s first class is waiting to be scheduled.