New ringers class · 2012Jan13Fr

First class for new ringer Carroll.  She describes herself as a slow learner, which is fine, especially as she also seems to be a thorough learner, which is more important than being fast.  She went through the safety basics, stance and motion, and the handring exercise, then pulled off three times.  The sound of the bell makes a tremendous impact the first time you cause it to happen, and that was the case here too.

Her friend Nancy came along and watched;  Nancy might decide to learn to ring too.

Carroll’s next class is Mo 16 Jan, followed by Anne.  Barbara and Eoin’s next class is Su 15 Jan.


One thought on “New ringers class · 2012Jan13Fr

  1. This is all great news. I still don’t have a date for my return, esp as there are huge upheavals going on at Campanophile, and the server is down. P

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