New ringers class · 2012Jan15Su

Eighth class for new ringers Barbara and Eoin.  Each got half an hour of rope time.

Both are progressing well and show good focus and enthusiasm.

Eoin worked primarily on backstrokes with the instructor taking handstrokes.  He is developing a very nice motion but needs to work on keeping his left hand aligned vertically.  With his height he benefits from a tall reach and long pull, but needs to work on following through all the way down;  since he is tall, all the way down is still far from the floor, and he needs to continue a good straight pull down as far as possible to keep the rope under control.  He has developed a good sense of the speed of his pull, slow at the top and fast at the bottom, and is working on getting a sense of the bell’s position through the feel of the rope.

Barbara worked primarily on handstrokes with the instructor handling the backstrokes.  She is getting her tendency to overpull under control, but needs to work on getting all eight fingers around the sally, releasing it cleanly, and following through all the way down so that her pull is fast through the release.  She also needs to improve her perception of the bell’s motion from the feel of the rope:  often she is catching the sally too high and stopping the bell from rising, perhaps from a desire not to bounce the stay.

Next class for Barbara and Eoin is We 18 Jan at 7:15pm, after Carroll’s class at 6:15.  Carroll’s next class is Mo 16 Jan at 4pm;  Anne’s is Mo 16 Jan at 5pm.