Cards from other towers

The Miami tower received Christmas cards in 2011 from:

  1. Our own Pamela and husband Jim, in England
  2. Boston Change Ringers
  3. St James Hendersonville NC
  4. Melrose School ringers, Brewster NY
  5. Trinity Wall Street Ringers
  6. Church of the Transfiguration Ringers, Orleans MA
  7. Philadelphia Guild of Change Ringers
  8. Quebec City Guild of Change Ringers
  9. Rochester change ringers (handbells)
  10. Sewanee Ringers
  11. Shreveport LA band
  12. Ringers of St James Cathedral, Toronto
  13. Christ Church Cathedral Bell Ringers, Victoria BC
  14. Washington Ringing Society, DC

We sent out Christmas cards to the 39 active towers in the U.S. in our first year with an organized mailing list, and thus missed the Canadian ringers (#8, #12) and the handbell ringers (#9).  We were able to come up with six (scanned) signatures to put on the card, out of the roughly dozen active ringers.  Next year we’ll get all of the North American bands and all the signatures.