New ringers class · 2012Jan16Mo

Second class for new ringer Carroll (4-5pm).  Carroll is recognizing the up and down knots reliably and tying the down knot with ease and the up knot almost as easily.  She recognizes the feel of a down bell vs. that of an up bell.  Today she worked primarily on basic technique when pulling off:

  • Start slow but speed up very rapidly to keep ahead of the bell.
  • Make a clean release before the sally pauses and shoots back up.
  • Right hand on left hand:  heel of right hand on base of left thumb, both on the sally and all the way down through the follow-through.  She is holding a practice tail in the crook of her left thumb while she pulls off, to habituate her to eventually holding the actual tail of the rope there while pulling off.  The goal is to keep her right hand on her left hand all the way down and eventually pick up the (practice) tail with her right hand at the bottom.

Tenth class for new ringer Anne (5-6pm).  She continues to make good progress, and is impatient to progress faster.  She raised the 2 and set it today, keeping good form all the way up.

  • Solidifying good ringing technique:
    • Picking up the tail quickly and cleanly after the handstroke
    • Straight (vertical) left hand grip
  • Raising and lowering beyond the first coil.  Anne worked on steadying the sally once it starts to bob (which is like making the handstroke catch but happens much, much faster), and on good pulling to get the bell beyond that difficult stage quickly.  She is releasing and taking coils reliably.

Next class for Carroll is We 18 Jan at 6:15pm, and for Anne Th 19 Jan.  Barbara and Eoin’s next class is We 18 Jan at 7:15pm.


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