New ringers class · 2012Jan18We

Third class for new ringer Carroll (6:15-7:15).  She and friend Nancy arrived early for the class, in time to climb up to the bell chamber with the instructor while he put the muffle on the 4 for teaching;  the bells made quite an impression up close.  Carroll recognizes the up and down knots and ties the down knot easily and the up knot with some thought.  She distinguishes the feel of an up bell and a down bell easily.  She spent most of the hour working on pulling off, over and over, to set good habits.  She has gotten used to the rope zipping up and down right in front of her, and soon will move on to backstrokes.

Ninth class for new ringer Eoin (7:15-8:15).  Barbara was unable to attend this class so Eoin got the full hour of rope time.  Eoin made excellent progress, solidifying his nice feel for the bell.  Most of the class was spent on pulling off and ringing backstrokes, with the instructor catching the sally and pulling the handstrokes.  The emphasis gradually shifted towards pulling off:  releasing the sally quickly and cleanly after a straight pull, then picking up the tail with the right hand before continuing with backstrokes.  Once that was solid, Eoin moved on to pulling off, handling all backstrokes, and some handstrokes.  More work on this next time.

Next class for Carroll is Mo 23 Jan.  Next class for Eoin and Barbara is Su 22 Jan.