New ringers class · 2012Jan19Th

Eleventh class for new ringer Anne.  The first part of class was devoted to solidifying good ringing habits first on the 4, then for a few minutes on the 2:

  • Keep right hand on left from release of sally down to pickup of tail.
  • Keep left hand’s grip vertical at the top of each stroke (when it is most difficult to achieve).

The remainder of class was devoted to raising and then lowering the 2.  Anne remarked (as others have noted before) that raising is more work but lowering is more stressful.  Raising gives a ringer a workout focused on the muscles used in all ringing, so keeping good form is essential to ensure the right muscles get the workout.  She will practice at home on:

  • Crawling up the practice tail, with both hands on the straight rope, and with the left hand inside one coil and inside two coils.
  • Sliding the left hand down from the right and bicycling the left hand (while the right continues its long straight pull) to make and pick up a coil, with the little wrist twist that twists the rope so the coil almost forms itself.

Anne’s next class is Mo 23 Jan at 5pm, preceded by Carroll’s next class at 4pm.  Barbara and Eoin’s next class is Su 12 Jan.