New ringers class · 2012Jan22Su

Ninth/tenth class for new ringers Barbara and Eoin.  Half an hour each is only just enough to catch back up to where each was at the previous class then make a little progress;  it will help to have a second instructor so each student gets a full hour.

Each has just reached the level of ringing both strokes together but is not really solid with it.  Both are working on:

  • Letting the bell rise at each stroke, particularly at handstroke.
  • Making each catch at the right spot on the sally;  catch too high and the bell won’t rise.
  • Getting the bell back up after a stroke at which it was not allowed to rise;  this takes several pulls, and meanwhile the bell is ringing low therefore faster and there can be a tendency to panic.
  • Right hand on left all the way through.

There were two instances of a dropped tail and the consequence moment of excitement for the instructor getting hold of the tail, disentangling the student from the rope, and bringing the bell back under control.  No more dropped tails, please!

On the positive side, each learner displayed a good long, straight pull, especially on the backstroke, and there was little problem with the right hand picking up the tail after the release.

Eoin needs to work on crawling up and down the tail reliably and can practice this at home with the practice rope;  he needs to get each hand reliable by itself, then combine them.

Next class for Barbara and Eoin is  We 25 Jan.  Next classes for Anne and for Carroll are  Mo 23 Jan at 4 and 5 respectively.