New ringers class · 2012Jan23Mo

Fourth class for new ringer Carroll (4pm).  Carroll has reached the stage of backstrokes with the instructor taking the handstrokes.  She is developing a good and very reliable ringing form.  Points to watch are

  • Hands stay in front of the line of the body at the top of the stroke, to keep the rope in front of the body as well.
  • Arm extension at the bottom of the stroke.

During a break Carroll’s friend Nancy pulled the 4 off several times, in anticipation of starting class soon.

Twelfth class for new ringer Anne (5pm).  First half of the class working on fine points of ringing form:

  • Perfectly vertical pull on both strokes.
  • Hands together after the release, followed by a clean pickup.
  • Arm extension at the bottom of each stroke.
  • Let the bell rise at each stroke.
  • No overpulling;  a nice gentle pull.

During a break we went over the eight cases of Call Changes.

Anne raised and lowered the 2, then lowered the 4.

Next class for Carroll is We 25 Jan at 6:15pm, followed by Barbara and Eoin at 7:15pm.  Next class (possibly final class) for Anne is Mo 30 Jan.