Getting unstuck

The band is stuck at our current level in Plain Bob Minimus.

We don’t need to get better at counting our places;  we can all do that.  Those of our ringers who also ring elsewhere (for example Pamela, Rob, and Thomas) know that ringing by place is not enough, having had it hammered into them by expert ringers:

  1. You have to watch the other ringers;  ideally you listen as well.
  2. You have to memorize where you pass the treble.

We will continue to stay stuck here until the local ringers take a deep breath and start memorizing.  Pick one new fact a week from this handy list of Plain Bob facts, memorize that one fact, and try it out at practice!

This week, for example, Judy took on this new fact:  “You pass the treble in 2-3 as you begin to Dodge 3-4 Up”.  She said it helped her place her strokes for the dodge, a nice side benefit.  If she masters one new fact a week, a manageable goal, she’ll have memorized passing the treble for Minimus by 14 Feb, and be ready to ring bobs and move on to Doubles and Minor.

Who else will take on this challenge?


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