New ringers class · 2012Jan25We

First class for new ringer Nancy (4pm).  She began with pulling off and made quick progress.  Due to her obvious interest in learning the handstroke, we did that next, out of the usual sequence;  each learner is different and this worked well for her.  Challenges here were letting the sally carry her hands upward, rather than raising them herself and getting ahead of the bell, and releasing cleanly and following through.  During the last part of class, she began learning the backstroke.  An ambitious first class for her, in which she made good progress.  In future classes we’ll focus on cleaning up form and on keeping the flow of the rope vertical, so she can be comfortable standing a bit closer to the rope.

Fifth class for new ringer Carroll (5pm).  Carroll continues her methodical, thorough  progress.  Today she worked on pulling off and backstrokes, solidifying her good habits and form, and started to work on handstrokes.  At least initially Carroll may benefit by using one of the small boxes when working on the catch, as it gives her a more comfortable range on the sally to aim for;  many fine ringers use a box all the time.  Carroll continues to exhibit a good and reliable ringing form, remarkable for a new ringer at this stage.  Her backstroke form sends the rope pouring down in a vertical stream, with the slight bend outward at the floor that makes for a clean pouring-up when the rope starts to rise again;  very good rope handling.

Next classes for Carroll and Nancy are Mo 30 Jan at 3 and 4pm, followed by Anne’s final class at 5pm.  Next class for Barbara and Eoin is Su 29 Jan at 11:15am.


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