Practice · 2012Jan24Tu

Six ringers present:  Anne, Jody, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Thomas.

The practice was almost entirely focused on Plain Bob Minimus, in which we are stuck at our current level and have been since I got here in October.  We’ll continue to make no progress until the inside ringers stop using ringing by place as a crutch, and move on to memorizing where they pass the treble.

We also need to clean up our ringing speeds (rounds, hunting-out, hunting-in) and our transitions between them.  I can work us on that at practice, but the inside ringers are going to have to do their own memorizing.

  • Plain Bob Minimus with tenor behind.  The inside ringers continue to be able to ring roughly in their places, but the striking is bad and the slightest problem throws the band into chaos.
  • Rounds with new ringer Anne.  Definite progress.  Learning to ring in rounds takes time and patience on everyone’s part, and every ringer repays their debt to the senior ringers that helped them learn by themselves helping new ringers.
  • Plain Bob Minimus on handbells.  A ringer suggested this in the hope that it would help everyone learn their places better.  Instead we wasted a quarter of the week’s practice time trying to figure out how to work them — no one realized that none of us knew how to ring a handbell, so it was the blind leading the blind.  It was heading towards “the deaf leading the deaf” too, since none of us had the skills to keep the bells safely away from everyone’s ears to prevent permanent hearing damage;  some of the ringers’ ears were still ringing an hour later, and mine are still ringing the next day as I write this.  We will not do this again.
  • Plain Hunt on Four with tenor behind, so that patient Jody could ring something other than tenor behind.
  • We rang down in grand cacophony.  Anne displayed her ringing-down skills by lowering the 2, and was applauded by the band once the bell was down.

Some of the band adjourned to a pub afterwards.