New ringers class · 2012Jan29Su

Eleventh class for new ringer Eoin.  Eoin rings each stroke quite well by itself, with admirable form.  But he struggles with each one when they are combined (not unusual for a new ringer).

  • He is overpulling both strokes, thus working way too hard yet finding the bell is still ringing down.
  • When he is pulling the strokes individually, both backstrokes and handstrokes are good, but when he pulls both strokes, he chokes them.  He needs to let both strokes rise.
  • He is not reliably extending at the top and at the bottom of every stroke even when pulling only backstrokes or only handstrokes.
  • He has developed a pernicious habit of picking up the tail after the sally release by reaching way over with his right hand to pick up the tail on the outside of his left hand, rather than keeping right on left, flicking wrists and extending down, and just closing his fingers.  This bad habit has to stop.

Between now and his next class he will think about the three things he needs to do when combining both strokes:

  1. Gentle, gentle pull.
  2. Extend downward at the bottom of both strokes.  Flick wrists and push with thumb for the backstroke;  follow through, extend down, and pick up the tail for the handstroke.
  3. Let both arms rise and extend up at the top of both strokes.

Eoin’s next class is a full hour, which will help.

Tenth class for new ringer Barbara.  Barbara is ringing both strokes together fairly well, at least until her bell starts to ring down.

  • Like Eoin, she is overpulling and checking.  As a result, the bell inevitably rings down and rings faster.  When this happens, she has a tendency to panic rather than remembering “long straight pull” and doing so.

Barbara and Eoin are to practice the inverse-tug-of-war exercise with their practice rope at home.  The goal is to keep that tiny tension in the rope at all times, and get the feel of that small degree of pull in their muscles so they can sense it and pull it while ringing a bell.

Update:  Eoin’s younger brother Liam (5) attended part of Barbara’s lesson.  When she picked him up from school the next day, he announced he wants to learn to ring too when he is old enough.

Next class for Eoin is 7:15 We 1 Feb, preceded by Carroll and Nancy at 5:15 and 6:15.  Next class for Barbara is possibly Fr 3 Feb.  Next class for Carroll and Nancy is 3 and 4pm Mo 30 Jan, followed by Anne’s last class as a new ringer at 5pm.