New ringers class · 2012Jan30Mo

Sixth class for new ringer Carroll.  She continues to make steady progress and is acquiring a very good ringing form.  Today the focus was on handstrokes;  she pulled every third handstroke in order to have time to reflect after each one, then ever second handstroke to get more pulls, and finally every handstroke in order to simply do it rather than think about it.

Second class for new ringer Nancy.  Focus was on cleaning up her ringing form, primarily working on the backstroke followed by a quarter-hour on handstrokes.  She tends to stand back from the rope, which hinders her ringing.  Good progress.

Thirteenth and final class for new ringer Anne.  For this final class Anne worked on the skills that will be her focus over the couple of months.

  • Setting the bell at every handstroke;  longest run was 5 consecutive sets.
  • Holding the bell at the balance at consecutive handstrokes.  This is more challenging;  longest run was 3 consecutive handstrokes at the balance.
  • Ringing at different speeds.  She rang to a metronome, aiming to strike on every other click, over the range of 57 to 63 beats per minute, corresponding to 28.5 to 32.5 strokes per minute.  Ringing to a metronome lets a ringer practice most of the skills needed for ringing rounds without having to have four or more experienced ringers on hand.
  • Raising and lowering.  Anne lowered the 2, then raised and lowered it twice more, and finished by lowering the 4 then raising and lowering it again.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is We 1 Feb 5:15 and 6:15, followed by Eoin’s next class at 7:15.  Barbara’s next class is either Fr 3 Feb if she can arrange the time, or Su 5 Feb.