Aligning clappers

The 2's clapper after alignment. The bright oval on the bell's rim marks where the clapper formerly struck. The dim smudge to the left is where it now strikes.

During Whitechapel‘s 2008 survey of the bells, the clappers of the 2 and 5 were noted as misaligned.  Examination while the clappers were being oiled earlier in the week confirmed this.

The 2’s clapper was realigned without difficulty on Feb 1, using the tower’s new 30mm wrench and the 30mm socket:

  1. Upper (locking) nut loosened and backed off a few turns, then lower nut loosened.
  2. The 5's rope tied up meanwhile

    Clapper aligned by eye by someone on their back under the bell, then fine-aligned by measuring from the wheel to the clapper at each end and in the middle.
  3. Lower nut tightened while the clapper was held in the new alignment.
  4. Clapper alignment re-checked.
  5. Upper (locking) nut tightened while the lower nut was held with an open-ended wrench, then clapper alignment re-checked just for luck.

Now the 2 swings much more quietly.

The 5’s clapper is more of a challenge due to rust on the staple bolt threads that is locking its lower nut in place.  The 5 is out of commission while this is being taken care of.

Thanks to new ringers Carroll and Nancy for their capable help!