New ringers class · 2012Feb01We

Third class for new ringer Nancy.  Focus was on good form.  Most of the class was spent on backstrokes alone.  No slack rope on the way up:  let the rope carry your hands up, and turn the bell.

Seventh class for new ringer Carroll.  Focus was also on good form.  Carroll continues to make steady progress.  Relax and be at one with the bell.

Twelfth class for new ringer Eoin.  Eoin is ringing backstrokes alone well, and handstrokes alone well, but like many learners has trouble ringing both together.  By the end of class he had straightened out enough problems that he could pull both strokes for an extended series of pulls in a row, but further improvement will make a big difference.

  • Stop crossing over to pick up the tail after pulling off.  Follow through by extending all the way down and flicking the wrists;  then the pickup can be made without crossing over.  This is only happening after pulling off.
  • Extend further, top and bottom.  At the bottom, remember to flick your wrists, even after the handstroke.

Eoin was able to set the bell twice in a row, but not three times.  He’ll work on this more next class.

Next class for Barbara is Fr 3 Feb;  for Eoin, Su 5 Feb;  and for Carroll and Nancy, Mo 6 Feb.