Bellrope adjustment

Adjusting the 2's rope on the wheel. The orange strip marks the rope's pre-adjustment location.

The bell ropes should be shifted a couple of inches every so often to reduce wear at the garter holes, and it’s time.  We’ll get the sally and tail heights rationalized at the same time, so that all the sallies are about the same height above the floor down and up at hand, and all the tails are about the same height up at back.

This process began today with the 2, whose rope was shifted down about two inches.  There was no wear visible at the top end, and that’s good;  regular shifting will keep it that way.  The tail will be re-tucked over the next few days.

I had previously photographed our tallest and shortest ringers pulling the two to confirm that it was safe to lower the rope two inches.

Ringers, check how the 2’s rope suits you the next time you are in the tower.  If the new heights for the 2 work out, we’ll adjust the other ropes to match.


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