New ringers class · 2012Feb03Fr

Eleventh class for new ringer Barbara.  She is working on solidifying good habits for the backstroke and the handstroke alone, and then retaining those good habits when ringing both strokes.  Good progress today.

  • Extend at the bottom of each stroke, flipping the wrists.
  • Straight pull without throwing out.
  • Recover on subsequent strokes from a pull that didn’t let the bell rise, whether from catching too high on the sally or from other reasons
  • At this stage, keep the bell ringing high and slow so there’s plenty of time to get everything done.

Barbara is also working on getting the feel of a bell near its balance, and on setting her bell.

Next class for Barbara and for Eoin is Su 5 Feb.  Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Mo 6 Feb.