New ringers class · 2012Feb05Su

Thirteenth class for new ringer Eoin.  Eoin is ringing both strokes together fairly reliably.  He has a nice gentle pull and a good feel for the bell.

  • Extend at the top and bottom of each stroke:  let the bell rise, and follow through at the bottom.
  • Pick up the tail cleanly after the handstroke;  no wandering right hand.

Twelfth class for new ringer Barbara.  Barbara is ringing both strokes together reliably but too forcefully.  She is overpulling and checking at each stroke.  She needs to pull more gently so she can develop a better sense of where the bell is at the top of her stroke.

  • She had been taking a knot due to having too much of the tail of the rope flapping.  However, she had also been checking the bell and not letting it rise, and thus had been too far up on the tail to begin with.  Moving further down the tail (to let the bell rise) obviated the need for a knot.
  • Handle the bell more gently at the top of each stroke, and let it rise.
  • Then back off on each stroke’s oomph so the bell doesn’t rise too far.
  • Make each pull gentle.  If more oomph is needed for a particular backstroke, add it with the right thumb.  This will reduce the temptation to overpull, and also make for a cleaner motion overall.
  • Lean forward from the hips slightly, to align the pull vertically and leave space to flick the wrists.

Rob and Thomas team-taught so each student had a full hour.

Next class for Barbara and Eoin is We 8 Feb.  Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Mo 6 Feb.