Super “Bell” Sunday service ringing · 2012Feb05Su

Five ringers:  Jim, Jody, Marguerite, Rob, Thomas.  New ringer Carroll came to observe and to help with steeplekeeping.

The bells were rung down quickly one after another by a few of the ringers.

After ringing there was a discussion of what to do if the band gets fairly seriously scrambled;  can it get back in order without the conductor calling “Stand“?  Two possibilities were raised:

  1. If a less-experienced ringer is being given practice by an otherwise-experienced band, and that ringer gets far off, then a typical response would be for the experienced ringers to continue ringing in the right places while leaving space for the errant ringer to find his way back into.
  2. In general, the only hope is for the conductor to call out the order of the bells, and for whichever ringer is leading to lead at an appropriate tempo, the bell in 2nds to get in proper place next behind, the bell in 3rds to get in proper place, and so forth until every ringer is following the bell before them.  Eventually all the ringers will be in sequence, the leading bell can start leaving a handstroke pause and no backstroke pause, the band can even out the intervals, and then the band can progress from there.

Thomas and Carroll worked on the 5’s stuck nut for a while.  No progress visible yet.

Oh, and what makes it Super Bell Sunday?  A fine ring of bells, a congenial band of ringers, and everyone striving for the best they can do.  Every day we get to ring is a Super Bell day, as far as I’m concerned.