Bellrope adjustment round 3

Our tallest ringer tried the 2’s recently adjusted rope at practice and found the sally too low.  The ringer’s hands were at the very top of the sally, sometimes on the taper at the top, and at full reach could have been on the rope above the sally.  This is not acceptable.

The 2’s rope had been moved down two inches as the first step in adjusting all the ropes, to spread out wear at the garter hole and to make the ropes more consistent across all the bells.  This sally height would have allowed all ropes to be moved on their wheels at least 2″, except for the 1 which would have been moved 1½”.

Today the 2’s rope was moved back up to approximately one inch higher than its earlier position.  This height will still leave its sally lower than all the other bells except the treble.  Adjusting the other ropes to the same sally height would shift every other rope at least 1½”, except the rarely rung 7 which would shift ½”.

We’ll try out this new position over the next week to see how it works for ringers of all heights.  Thanks to Nancy who assisted with the adjustment.