New ringers class · 2012Feb08We

Ninth class for new ringer Carroll.  Last time Carroll appeared to be overthinking, so her assignment was to think only about three things (long straight vertical pull, keep the line through the hands vertical until the wrist flip, right hand on left).  Much better this time.  During the latter part of the class, she requested to use a box, and liked the additional control of the rope it gave her.  She continues to make steady, strong progress.

Fourth class for new ringer Nancy.  It had been a week since the last class, so we started from the beginning just to make sure, and focused on each stroke individually.  Nancy’s backstroke is good.  Her handstroke is less reliable and she has trouble with the timing (not unusual for new ringers);  she needs to make her handstroke motion be like her backstroke motion.

Thirteenth class for new ringer Barbara.  Barbara rang the 2 today as an exercise to help her with overpulling, and made improvement.  The lighter bell requires a lighter touch and also a more sensitive sense of the tension in the rope.  She worked on each stroke individually and then combined them.  A focus was on slow gentle pull-offs, to get the feel of the light bell crossing the balance, and on letting the bell rise and setting the bell whenever possible.

Fourteenth class for new ringer Eoin.  Eoin has made great strides since the last class and is ringing well.  It may be time to start him on raising and lowering, ringing at various speeds, and setting the bell n times in a row.

Next class for Barbara and Eoin is Su 12 Feb.  Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Mo 13 Feb.