New ringers class · 2012Feb13Mo

Tenth class for new ringer Carroll.  Carroll continues her thorough, steady progress.  She worked on each stroke individually and then combined both strokes, ringing them well and reliably.

For the immediate future she will ring, ring, ring, to get the motion and rhythm and good habits ingrained so it all happens smoothly without thought.  Soon it will be time to start learning to raise and lower.

Fifth class for new ringer Nancy.  Her backstroke is good but she is having problems with her handstroke:  trouble making the catch cleanly, throwing out while catching, rising faster than the rope, not releasing soon enough, not following through.  She worked on each stroke individually, then she occasionally combined both strokes (to help the backstroke rhythm steady her handstroke rhythm) by handling all backstrokes and occasionally catching handstrokes under the instructor’s hand.  Both strokes are pretty good but not quite good enough yet, and all the little problems add up and throw her off.

How does one make the bell ring more slowly?  By making it ring higher:  long straight pulls.  For handstrokes, a hard pull doesn’t help (it can even hurt, by inadvertently checking and by continuing the pull after the sally starts to shoot up).  What helps is a fast handstroke pull, with hands accelerating down to the wrist flip and a clean pickup, followed by a long straight backstroke.

Between now and the next class, she will think about only three things:

  1. Vertical motion both up and down;  make the rope pour down in a stream, then return up along the same line.
  2. Hands ride the rope upward as the bell rises, carried upward by its swing.
  3. Follow through all the way down, especially after every handstroke even though she has already released the sally

Next class for all the new ringers is We 15 Feb : Carroll and Nancy at 6:30, Barbara and Eoin at 7:30.