New ringers class · 2012Feb27Mo

Thirteenth class for new ringer Carroll.  Carroll continues to be very close to pulling both strokes together.  The summary of last class could almost be repeated for today’s class.  Her backstroke continues to be excellent and her handstroke, already good, is now quite good.  However, when she combines them neither stroke stays quite good enough for sustained ringing without assistance.  Things to think about:

  • Keep the right hand above the left (heel of right hand on base of left thumb);  don’t let it slide down so the fingers of the right hand wrap around the knuckles of the left.
  • Follow through all the way down, particularly after the handstroke.
  • Keep the line of the hands vertical all the way down until the wrist flick.

Eighth class for new ringer Nancy.  Nancy has improved both individual strokes, and is striving for both strokes together.  Although neither her backstroke nor her handstroke are as solid as Carroll’s, she is almost able to sustain both strokes together.  Things to think about:

  • Long straight pull.
  • Follow through, especially on the handstroke, all the way down and flick the wrists.  Make the wrist flick propel the rope straight down;  at the bottom of the backstroke, push with your right thumb.
  • Keep the right hand on the left as you release the sally and throughout the follow-through.  Until that becomes habit, think of landing the right hand atop the left at the bottom of the stroke.
  • Keep the line of the hands vertical all the way down until the wrist flick.
  • Let the rope (or sally) lift your hands, especially at the top of the backstroke;  remember to turn the bell.

It may be advantageous next class to concentrate only backstroke alone and handstroke alone, to polish them and firm up good habits.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is We 29 Feb.  Next class for Barbara and Eoin is also hoped to be We 29 Feb.