New ringers class · 2012Feb29We

Fourteenth class for new ringer Carroll.  Carroll’s individual strokes continue to be good, with her backstroke very good.  An old injury may be getting in the way of combining both strokes.  The instructor is consulting experts on the best course to take.  Meanwhile, think about following through on both strokes, even when distracted.  Remember that the tail of the rope stays in the crook of a ringer’s left hand apparently by magic;  give it no thought, instead concentrating on the things that do need attention.

Ninth class for new ringer Nancy.  She succeeded in combining both strokes.  Areas to improve next time:

  • Move the hands in a vertical line except at the bottom of each stroke;  don’t throw out either on the way down or on the way up.
  • Make the occasionally excellent backstroke follow-through excellent every time.
  • Work over the next several classes on getting the handstroke follow-through with the left hand alone as snappy as the backstroke follow-through with both hands.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Mo 4 Mar, with the following class tentatively moved from We to Th 7 Mar next week only.  Next class for Barbara and Eoin is hoped to be in about two weeks.