Ringers’ Get-together

Rob hosted all the ringers that could come:  Anne, Carroll, Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  Dean McCaleb, the dean of the Cathedral, stopped by for a while.


Where are the circuit breakers?

Circuit breaker in bell chamber

We have not been able to locate the circuit breakers for the tower.  The oral history opinion was that they are in the bell chamber, but that turns out not to be the case;  the breaker box there (photo at right) is only for the solenoids that drove the automated hammers.

Since this breaker is marked as 60 amps, and is off, it appears we have plenty of current available if needed for example for a second halogen work light in the bell chamber.  But the question of where the tower’s breakers are remains unanswered.

Extra Practice · 2012Feb23Th

Three ringers:  Anne, Judy, Thomas.  It’s amazing how much three ringers can accomplish, in terms of improving skills and striking.

  • Anne raised and lowered the 1, 2, and 4.
  • Rounds, aiming for good striking.  We strove to ring as if a fourth imaginary bell was tenoring behind.
  • We rang “long places“, two ringers exchanging places every four blows.  Today all changes were made at a handstroke;  making changes at backstroke is equally useful.  We exchanged from rounds (1-2-3) to 1-3-2 and back;  then pulled off in 1-3-2 and exchanged to 1-2-3 and back.

New ringers class · 2012Feb22We

Twelfth class for new ringer Carroll.  Carroll is close to pulling both strokes together.  Her backstroke alone is excellent, and her handstroke alone is good.  When she combines them, her handstroke follow-through stops at waist level, which shortens her handstroke pulls and keeps them from transferring oomph to the bell.  As a result and in combination with small problems elsewhere in her form, the bell gradually rings down and becomes difficult to control.  A small improvement in each of these areas will be enough to have her ringing both strokes.

Seventh class for new ringer Nancy.  Nancy is fairly close to pulling both strokes together.  Each stroke alone is pretty good, though she needs to improve them further.  She tends to overpull (to ensure enough tension in the rope) and needs to ease off a bit and develop a better feel for small tensions in the rope.  Overall she is making good progress.  Things to think about for next time are:

  • Follow through on both strokes, particularly the handstroke.
  • Even pull throughout the stroke
  • Not so much a hard pull, as a fast pull

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Mo 27 Feb.  Next class for Barbara and Eoin is Su 26 Feb.

Practice + visitors · 2012Feb21Tu

Six ringers:  Jody, Marguerite, Rob, Thomas, plus visitors Martin and Jenny from Farnborough and Woking, UK;  ringing 1-2-3-4-6-8 (F-E-D-C-A-F).

After practice the band adjourned to the Cathedral’s pancake supper.

There was no Early Practice, due to too few ringers committed to be there.