Bellrope adjustment round 4

The ropes of the treble and the 2 have been adjusted since Tuesday’s practice.

  • The treble’s sally was raised about 1½”
  • The treble’s tail was lowered about 1″
  • The 2’s sally and tail were raised about 1″

Ringers, try these bells next time you are at the tower.

If these rope heights work out well, the rest of the ropes will be adjusted accordingly:

  • Sally, when set at hand:  65″ (approx.)
  • Tail, when set at back:    76″ (approx.)

The back bell tails may be a bit higher, but not as high as the tenor’s is now (88¼”, over a foot higher than the lowest tails).

The goal is rope heights comfortable for all ringers, as far as possible, while shifting each rope on its wheel at least 1″ (the 7 will shift only ½”) to distribute the wear at the garter hole.  These sally and tail heights should allow our tallest ringer to ring at full reach, while not requiring any current ringer to use a box.  It is hoped that this tail height will make knots superfluous except for the tallest ringers.

The shortest ringers may not be able to set at back without a box, however.

Current heights of sally set at hand and tail set at back
Bell 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Set at hand 64¾” 65¼” 67″ 67″ 66¼” 65½” 66¾”
Set at back 76″ 76¼” 81½” 71¾” 75″ 78¼” 88¼”
2011Nov28 heights of sally set at hand and tail set at back
Bell 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Set at hand 63¼” 64¼” 67″ 67″ 71″ 66¼” 65½” 66¾”
Set at back 77″ 75″ 81½” 71¾” 75″ 75″ 78¼” 88¼”

While retucking the treble’s tail I noted that the rope end is not just whipped but also turned back in what appears to be a crown knot, with the ends held in by the first whipping.  There is a great deal of wear between the first whipping and the second whipping (on most of the ropes, not just the treble’s), the section of rope that is tucked under a strand in the last tuck.