New ringers class · 2012Mar08Th

Fifteenth class for new ringer Carroll.  The instructor consulted his instructor, who suggested Carroll ring opposite-handed (left over right) to compensate for the old injury.  She tried that, and clearly that would work, but trying it motivated her to work harder on ringing normal-handed (right over left).  So she focused on:

  • Keeping her two hands aligned so the segment of rope in her hands is perfectly straight and (up until the wrist flick) perfectly vertical.
  • Keeping the right hand atop the left, but not overlapping by even one finger.

She rang backstrokes only then both strokes together as a trial, and everything looked plausible.  If she continues to exercise her willpower to this extent, she should be able to ring normal-handed.

Tenth class for new ringer Nancy.  She rang both strokes together and did well.  There are still things to be straightened out but everything is working well enough for her to ring many full pulls in a row.  She is working on her left hand after the release, to get it to follow through vertically all the way down then give a good wrist flick to direct the rope down;  it still needs improvement.  This lack of follow-through is what causes the occasional loops in the rope that snag her right hand after the pick-up.  She tried working with an X on the floor with tape and sending her left hand towards the X at the bottom of each handstroke.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Su 11 Mar 11:15-12:15.  Barbara is still ill so the next class for her and Eoin is indefinite.