The 5’s staple bolt nut: sawn

Preparations for sawing off the rusted nut were completed today, and Thomas and Nancy hacksawed off one face of the nut, down within about 1mm of the headstock.  20 minutes of careful sawing sufficed.

The weight of the clapper was supported by tying it up to the soundbow, and by a wooden brace from the floor up to the bottom of the staple bolt, shimmed underneath to the correct height.  The bell was braced against turning by a rope tied through the garter hole to a spoke, and around the wheel down to the pulley frame.

The new staple bolt nut, shown above the old lock nut and the partially sawn rusted nut

Next steps:

  • Split off that face of the nut, using a cold chisel and/or prybar.
  • File down to within a hair’s width of the bolt.
  • Try to crack the nut with the wrench, or with a punch and hammer.
  • Saw off another face if necessary.
  • After the nut is removed, wire-brush and clean the bolt threads, probably using H202 or other chemical rust remover.  Clean the internal threads of the other nut as needed, or replace it.
  • Lubricate the cleaned threads with molybdenum paste, to block water, prevent rust, and keep the nuts from sticking or galling.
  • Align the clapper, tighten the nut, then tighten the lock nut;  then the 5 will be ringable again.