New ringers class · 2012Mar11Su

Sixteenth class for new ringer Carroll.  Her stated goal is to ring and ring and ring until she perfects each stroke, then combine them.  Today she worked on both strokes, emphasizing the handstroke, and rang a few full pulls of both strokes.  She is keeping control of the tail in her left hand, and getting all ten fingers around the rope on backstroke and the sally on handstroke.  A point to focus on:  gripping the sally firmly until the release, to get the maximum control of the bell during that stroke.  Soon she will be ready to ring in a band.

Eleventh class for new ringer Nancy.  Focus was on aligning the left hand, so that the line of the rope through the two hands is straight and in the plane of the rope through the ringer, vertical for most of the pull and then rotating down when the wrists flick.  She worked for most of the class on keeping that alignment on backstrokes alone.  Near the end of class she tried it on both strokes together to see if her left hand could retain that alignment through the bottom of the backstroke;  she could.  As a result, the rope is going straight down to the floor after her handstroke now, instead of swinging and dancing alarmingly.  With her left hand aligned, and her right hand coming down on it after the release, she is controlling the rope more easily and not suffering from coils coming up and catching her right hand during the pickup.  She will also soon be ready to ring in a band.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Mo 19 Mar.

We are all very glad that Barbara and Eoin are starting class again;  their next class is Su 18 Mar.