New ringers class · 2012Mar18Su

Barbara and Eoin resumed classes after absence since Su 19 Feb.  We are glad to see them ringing again!

Seventeenth class for new ringer Eoin.  After a little polishing, his backstrokes remains outstanding despite the four weeks away from ringing.  His handstrokes need improvement, particularly at the bottom.  “Throw your left hand at the floor” seemed to help.  He was able to combine both strokes and ring for some time, though his backstroke follow-through deteriorated when ringing both strokes, and he is overpulling both strokes.

  • Follow through at the bottom of both strokes.  The hands should speed up on the way down, and be moving fastest at the end of the stroke, with arms fully extended down and the hands oriented so the rope points to the floor.
  • Flick the left wrist at the end of the handstroke.  End up with the rope pointing down out of the left hand.
  • Overpulling: stop pulling so hard.  Instead, pull faster, especially at the bottom of each stroke.
  • Don’t throw out on the handstroke.
  • Keep the hands aligned in the plane from the ringer to the rope.  Don’t angle them at the bottom (left hand tends to point the rope off to the right), and don’t separate them after either stroke.

Sixteenth class for new ringer Barbara.  Despite the four-week absence she is ringing both strokes together quite well.

  • Follow through at the end of each stroke.

Both Barbara and Eoin are making good progress.  They will start working on setting the bell, ringing lighter and heavier bells, and raising and lowering;  soon it will be time to start ringing rounds in a group, perhaps with Carroll and Nancy who are perhaps slightly ahead but roughly at this same stage.

Next class for Barbara and Eoin is We 21 Mar.  Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Mo 19 Mar.