New ringers class · 2012Mar19Mo

Today the students rang the 2 rather than the 4.

Seventeenth class for new ringer Carroll.  Focus was on retaining and solidifying good ringing habits.  Each stroke was worked on individually.

  • Keep left hand lined up with the plane from the ringer through the line of the rope.  The tendency for this ringer (as for most) is to let the line through the left hand point off to the right, rather than straight ahead.
  • All ten fingers around the rope.
  • Follow through after both strokes.
  • Move faster at the bottom of each stroke.

Eleventh class for new ringer Nancy.  Focus was on tidying up her ringing form.  Everything is pretty good, but little is very good.  She kept everything under control enough to ring both strokes together, but needs better and more reliable form in order to progress to setting the bell n times in a row, and ringing without a spotter.

  • Left hand aligned with the plane through the rope.
  • Follow through and flick the left wrist after the handstroke;  “throw” the left hand at the floor.
  • Long vertical pulls;  don’t throw out.
  • Pull faster, not harder.

Next class for Carroll and Nancy is We 21 Mar.  Next class for Barbara is also We 21 Mar;  next class for Eoin will be Su 25 Mar.