New ringers class · 2012Mar21We

Today everyone began raising and lowering.  Each student raised up to roughly the point at which the first coil would be released, then lowered back down, several times.  Focus was on good form so that the necessary muscles got a workout.

Eighteenth class for new ringer Carroll.  Separately, her backstroke continues to be admirable and her handstroke adequate, but when combined everything goes out the window.

  • Work toward a smooth full pull, with the arms cycling up and down smoothly.
  • Left hand aligned with the right, along the rope in a straight line.
  • All ten digits around the rope, and around the sally during the handstroke.
  • Don’t.  Panic.  Relax into the groove of your ringing motion and let it happen.

Twelfth class for new ringer Nancy.  She is ringing both strokes together.  Currently her strength is that when she gets in trouble she gets herself out.  She always has the bell and rope fairly well under control, but her form tends to be sloppy;  she could not ring in anything close to a phone booth, and she is not safe to ring without a spotter yet.  Specific points that need work are:

  • Follow-through at the bottom of the handstroke.
  • Alignment of the left hand throughout the pull.
  • Vertical pull.
  • Right hand on left, especially from the release through the follow-through to the pickup.

Seventeenth class for new ringer Barbara.  Barbara is ringing both strokes together quite nicely, and is close to not needing a spotter.  Points to work on:

  • Follow through at the bottom of each stroke, especially the handstroke.
  • Left hand aligned with the right, along the rope in a straight line.

Next class for Barbara and Eoin is Su 25 Mar.  Next class for Carroll and Nancy is Mo 26 Mar.

There will be no classes from Su 1 Apr until Su 8 Apr, as the bells will be silent for Holy Week.