New ringers class · 2012Mar28We

Twentieth class for new ringer Carroll.  She rang the 4.  She is on the verge of having everything come together so she can ring reliably.  Focus today was on the left hand follow-through after the release:  if the wrist flicks and directs the rope down, the right hand can make a quick clean pickup.  She needs to get her left wrist to flick.  In decreasing order of urgency:

  • Left wrist flick at bottom of handstroke.
  • Vertical pull, no throwing out, good follow-through on both strokes, so the rope flows straight down and then straight back up again.
  • All ten fingers around the rope and the sally.

For next time:

  1. Strengthen the grip of all ten fingers by gripping a rolled towel as if it were a bell rope or sally, right hand over left, and squeezing.
  2. Practice aligning the left and right hands vertically as though the rope were stiff.

Eoin’s forearm-rotation left wrist flick might work well for Carroll (see below);  we’ll try it next time.

Nineteenth class for new ringer Eoin.  He rang the 4.  Focus today was on cleaning up a few things that are blocking his progress.  Main focus was on the bottom of the handstroke.

  • Good progress on backstroke follow-through.  He is now reliably flicking both wrists and pushing with his thumb.  He is feeling the rope resisting his thumb push so his follow-through is fast enough.
  • Left wrist flick at the bottom of the handstroke is improved but not completely reliable yet.  He is now often sending the rope straight down to the floor, but wasn’t able to break his habit of reaching over his left hand to make the pickup on the far side.  As a result the rope is going all over the place on the way back up, and his pickup is often delayed.

He raised the 6 twice, to the point at which the first coil would be released, then lowered.

For next time:

  1. Think about keeping his right hand on top of his left at the bottom of the handstroke, not over it on the left side.
  2. Practice crawling up and down the practice rope.

Nineteenth class for new ringer Barbara.  She rang the 2.  She can ring both strokes together reliably now, and only needs to work out a few wrinkles before she will be ready to graduate.  Focus areas:

  • Vertical pull, no throwing out.
  • Don’t overdo the handstroke:  release it before the sally pauses and shoots back up, and release with both hands at the same time and keep the right on the left down through the follow-through.
  • Faster follow-through on the backstroke.  She is flicking her wrists, but isn’t getting her hands down to the bottom of the stroke fast enough to feel the resistance to the push of her right thumb.

She was able to set the 2 fairly reliably, making two handstroke sets in a row at one point.

Next class for Barbara and Eoin is Su 1 Apr.  Next class for Carroll and Nancy will be the week of 9 Apr on a day depending on Carroll’s schedule, possibly Tu before the regular ringing practice.