Bellrope ends eroding

Most of the rope ends are wearing away to dust between the two seizings, with the 3’s and the tenor’s eroded down to less than half the original diameter.  The tenor’s has been so weakened that I threw on a third seizing in case the end actually breaks off and the rope has to retucked immediately.

Ringers can help by not bending the ends back when raising, lowering, or ringing, and by not retucking any rope.

It’s not clear what should be done to deal with this;  perhaps each rope can be given a third seizing, the original end cut off, and the new end retucked between the two remaining seizings.  The original ends appear to have been finished with a crown knot, and the new ends can be finished the same way at the expense of a couple of inches of rope and new seizings.

Is it time to order a new set of bellropes?

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