Loose staple bolt nuts

This morning when checking the tenor’s rope I noticed the tenor was striking twice for each stroke.  When I lowered the bell and climbed up to look, I found its staple bolt nuts were not tight.  The staple bolt could wander and turn while the tenor was ringing.  I realigned the tenor’s clapper and tightened both nuts.

I went round the ring checking the other staple bolts.  Two more were loose (on the 2 and 7) so I tightened them.  Remembering the weeks-long trial with the 5, I checked for rust on each bolt, and found plenty;  several of the lock nuts were rusted in place severely enough that a struggle was needed to loosen them even with the long wrench.

I took off each lock nut, wire-brushed the bolt’s threads clear of rust (down to the lower nut at least), wiped everything off, and worked molybdenum disulphide paste into the threads by back-and-forth spinning the nuts all the way down, to keep them from rusting solid over time.


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