Service ringing · Palm Sunday 2012Apr01Su

The donkey, being encouraged to move along to the sanctuary. One of the ringers is at lower right, carrying a basket of palm fronds.

Six ringers:  Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Rob, Thomas.  1234568 had been left up ready for ringing after yesterday’s wedding.

Our plan was to ring uninterrupted until the beginning of the service, but we were caught by surprise today by the bike portion of the Miami Beach Triathlon, which appeared to block access to the Cathedral by almost every route.  The ringers communicated by cell phone to help each other find routes in to the tower.  Fortunately for us, the congregation was delayed as well.  We began when the first four ringers made it to the tower, and added ringers as they arrived.

  • Plain Hunt on Four on 2468.
  • Plain Hunt on Three with two covers on 13468.
  • Call Changes on 13468.
  • Plain Hunt on Four with two covers on 123468.

We finished off in rounds, standing the bells one after another on consecutive handstrokes, starting with the treble and continuing until the tenor stood.

The bells were all lowered after the service, and after today’s new ringers class will be silent until Easter Sunday.